Great precision

even in the smallest parts

Why is Redtenbacher regarded as a specialist for the manufacturing of small and precision parts made of metals, non-ferrous metals, titanium and other materials? Because we use our many years of experience, top know-how and state-of-the-art machines to produce high-quality products with two different processes. The range extends from logos and emblems to key fobs, jewellery and wristwatches up to contacts for ignition locks for the automotive industry. 


with high-performance cutting machines

Exceptionally high-quality products require exceptional tools. That is why we at Redtenbacher work with robots and automatic machines that guarantee the highest level of precision and repeat accuracy. For example, with rotary transfer machines that we develop and manufacture ourselves because they are not available in this quality on the market. 

Another of our numerous strengths lies in part geometry. This is used for work pieces that have to be machined from different sides and/or in different places. Instead of processing parts in individual steps we do it in one operation. This way we ensure maximum precision with minimum tolerances and efficient manufacturing of products between 22 and 30 mm. In special cases even up to 50 mm. 

Also in good shape with non-cutting production

We also work with state-of-the-art machines for stamping and reducing. Although our special expertise here lies in the production of the tools. This is without doubt a science in itself and thus clearly a case for the tool experts at Redtenbacher. They possess special know-how for the stamping process. They therefore stamp in one single, highly efficient operation and of course already know in advance exactly how strongly the respective work pieces can be reshaped. 

One contact for all matters

As your partner in the production of small and precision parts, we also provide you with the highest standard of direct cooperation. This includes the “one face to the customer” principle. Which means that we put exclusively one contact at your disposal who looks after you from advising to sales, right down to the smallest details. You are communicating with a specialist who gets to know your company in next to no time, thinks pro-actively and consistently acts in your interest.