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Ypsilon 3,5

Hidden Spring Hinge

See datasheet (PDF)

Product Details

Preassembled spring hinge – 29.6134100.N01 (nickel plated)

Preassembled spring hinge – 29.6134200.N01 (nickel plated)

Front hinge 90°  – 00.1217200.L/R01 (nickel plated)

Front hinge combi – 04.1643200.L/R00

Fixing screw – 28.3363000.N01 (nickel plated)

Fixing screw – 28.3500000.N01 (nickel plated)

Screw for front hinge 90°  – 28.3499000.N00

Screw for front hinge combi – 28.3365000.N00