Nature & People


by nature

Redtenbacher’s company head office is located in Scharnstein, a small town in the Upper Austrian Alps. This means that we are at home in a still largely intact natural region. People from all over the world come here to recharge their batteries and let their thoughts flow freely. Just like the water in a mountain stream. So it is not surprising that this breathtaking mountain and lake landscape also has a positive impact on our daily activities in many ways. All the more so because we consciously recognise and use them as a source of energy and inspiration for our work. 

Because we are

deeply rooted in the region

This almost answers the question as to where this exceptional excellence in so many areas of our business comes from. Why we are the world’s leading specialist for high-quality eyewear hinges and also a valued partner and problem solver when we support customers directly on site in eyewear production.

You could perhaps sum up the answer with the following three points:

  • Because Redtenbacher employs many highly qualified professionals with deep roots in the region.
  • Because in their search for creative solutions, grounded people always take nature as their model, which is such an ingenious engineer itself.
  • Ultimately, this is probably also because there is a power in the tranquillity of this landscape from which our employees draw the necessary energy for ideas and refining them into premium quality eyewear hinges.

So it is only natural that we do everything in our power to preserve this landscape sustainably. So that we can hand it over to the next generation in all its beauty.