High-performance machines

To achieve the extraordinary requires extraordinary technical means. Because the market does not provide these means in the field of high-quality production of eyewear hinges, we develop and produce many machines ourselves. From automatic assembly machines to the RB 16 rotary transfer machine. With the latter, we have succeeded in making a quantum leap in the areas of precision, flexibility and manufacturing capacity, which our customers will benefit from in the long term. This is because the RB 16 can be equipped with up to 16 machining stations and a maximum of 32 CNC axes, and can also be converted very easily to a wide range of products. 

In combination with the high vertical range of manufacture in metal-cutting and non-cutting production, we safely and reliably achieve all the quality and efficiency targets we set ourselves. For example:

  • On average 30 percent faster cycle times than the most powerful machines currently on the market
  • 75 percent shorter set-up times than with conventional technologies
  • Repeatable manufacturing precision in the micrometre range
  • Cost-effective production even for batch sizes of 50,000 units and more
  • Extremely low complaint rates
  • High performance in the field of prototype construction too

Austrian top quality

at Far East prices

The high technical level as well as the no less high degree of machinery automation are also the reason why Redtenbacher can offer every customer European top quality at Far Eastern prices. This also applies to so-called standard products, which we naturally also manufacture in premium quality.

In a nutshell: Innovations such as the DUO-Flex System or the Regular Hinge DUPLEX 5.0 are the convincing result of a perfect combination of comprehensive material and machining knowledge and absolutely high-performance machinery.