It’s only innovative

if it’s useful

At Redtenbacher, we have always been of the opinion that innovations are only those developments that actually bring specific benefits. That’s why we don’t think about innovation for its own sake. But always with a view to how we can make our customers’ lives more pleasant, successful and easier. It’s as simple as that. And yet so demanding.

Because as a leading supplier of high-precision eyewear hinges, we are constantly challenged to develop new ideas, solve customer-specific problems, go down new production paths, question existing processes or even radically change them. This was the case, for example, when we started to work without soldering or welding and joining metal and plastic by injection moulding. The constant improvements in precision with deviations only in the thousandths range are also the result of consistent innovation work over many years.

Specific advantages

on a specific product

The specific advantage aspects of innovations can always be best illustrated by products. For example, on the DUO-Flex system:

  • Combination of FLEXIBILITY and STABILITY
    • The use of two high-strength stainless steel components allows the gliding part to bend frequently while avoiding any risk of breakage = flexibility
    • Both stainless steel components together, however, simultaneously create a high bending resistance = stability
  • High pulling-out resistance of the gliding part, the DUO-Flex is the champion in this hinge width
  • Another plus – a “stop” function in the hinge ensures that both temples open at a symmetrical angle