for precision since 1651

The history of Redtenbacher begins as early as 1651. It is far too eventful to be fully recounted here. That is why we limit ourselves to a few facts. To selected information that should help you see the special spirit of our company.

  • Shortly after the company was founded as a scythe trading company in Kirchdorf, Simon Redtenbacher took an international focus. To be precise, his company had a presence in the important transhipment centres in Eastern Europe at the time. From Kiev via Moscow to Szczecin.
  • In the 19th century, Redtenbacher underwent a profound transformation into a modern scythe and sickle industrial business. At this time, the company became the largest scythe company in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy at its new head office in Scharnstein. So even then we were a global player, exporting our products all over the world.
  • At the beginning of the 20th century, a decision was made to diversify the production range by adding various small ironmongery products. For example, scissors, cutlery and knives. After the turmoil of the 2nd World War, the scythe factory returned to full capacity in 1955. The export share was 96 percent.
  • The year 1971 is considered the start of precision parts production. After the takeover of a relevant company in France and the closure of scythe production in 1987, the company now concentrated fully on this area.