in eyewear hinges

Perfection is the highest possible quality promise that can be made for eyewear hinges. This consistent focus on the absolute best results in production and manufacturing processes that guarantee the highest degree of repeatability. Fuelled by our employees’ comprehensive knowledge of materials and machining and state-of-the-art machinery, we succeed in creating extraordinarily flat, almost invisible hinges with maximum stability and optimum gear regulation. Among other things, we are talking about customised innovations that we develop together with our customers that allow for total freedom in eyewear design.

Unique combination

of metal and injection moulding technology

Our position as a leading supplier of high-precision eyewear hinges is also based on the fact that we intelligently combine metal and injection moulding. The result is solderless and weldless hinges that are not only almost invisible but also exceptionally reliable. Which is why we are really only familiar with the word “complaint” from the dictionary. Or to put it another way: We continuously identify and leverage potential for improvement that increases design options, user comfort as well as stability and therefore makes our customers even more competitive. 

Other advantages:

  • We also understand perfection as anticipating the latest trends in the eyewear industry and implementing them in our innovation processes.
  • With solderless and weldless hinges, we reduce manufacturing costs and maximise both quality and throughput.
  • Due to our state-of-the-art machinery, we already produce small series from 50,000 units, which also makes us an attractive niche player. 
  • The large vertical range of manufacture (e.g. with our own fully automated electroplating) makes an additional contribution to the high quality of our products.