First-class electroplating

on your behalf!

The electroplating of metal parts is in many respects a demanding and elaborate process. It requires a lot of experience, know-how and an optimal infrastructure. Actually, in this field, Redtenbacher meets all of these requirements and goes a bit further. Or to put it in brief: we guarantee you electroplating in first-class quality with uncompromising adherence to all regulations for the protection of the environment. 


at the highest level

Concretely, Redtenbacher enhances metals on your behalf with professional nickel and silver-plating. In this way, we give almost all kinds of small and medium-sized pieces exactly the functional and visual characteristics that you expect. For example, high-performance components with special coatings for engine manufacturing or gas nozzles for welding devices, to name just two examples. Although our experts electroplate individual items and/or rack plated goods as well as barrel plated goods in a wide range of batch sizes and in part dimensions up to a maximum of approx. 100 x 300 mm.  

Including cleaning and preparation of parts

With our ultra-modern, automated electroplating plant and the know-how of our employees we do not just ensure first-class results. On top of this, we convince our customers from a wide variety of industries with an advantage that not everyone can offer. Because our service also comprises the preparation and/or cleaning of the parts to be electroplated. Which is to say degreasing, tumbling, slide grinding etc. 

As flexible as our customers

Especially in contract production, adherence to delivery times plays a major role. Because customer focus has traditionally been top priority at Redtenbacher, we score with short delivery times, absolute adherence to schedules and maximum time flexibility. What makes this possible is that we manage our processes and structures in such a way that it is usually even within the realm of possibility to deal with “emergencies” that crop up at short notice.

One contact for all matters

First-class electroplating also means direct cooperation of the highest standard. This includes the “one face to the customer” principle. Which means that we put exclusively one contact at your disposal who looks after you from advising to sales, right down to the smallest details. You work with an expert who is familiar with your company after a short period of time, who thinks proactively and acts in your interest.