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Hinges in excellence

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Quality made in Austria.

Innovative Products

Dear valued customer, we are pleased to present you new solutions of REDTENBACHER for your needs. The “leading” innovations are e.g. hinges with plastic injection with more barrels – with this solution called DUPLEX, a smooths and on both sides equivalent temple movement shall be assured. Using the DUPLEX you can “feel” the difference in quality compared to other common solutions. Another strong point is the combination of STABILITY & FLEXIBILITY of spring hinges. In this field REDTENBACHER has brought the DUO-Flex on the market. You will find this & other interesting solutions in the new catalogue of REDTENBACHER.

At Home in central europe. Represented around the world


An intelligent location policy has enabled REDTENBACHER steadily to enhance and develop its leading market position. By carrying out production operations using state-of-the-art machinery in the Czech Republic, for example, we generate cost benefits that are passed on directly to our clients. Together with our highly innovative site in Sweden and our headquarters in Austria, we guarantee the top central European quality demanded by leading eyewear manufacturers and reputable players in the automotive industry around the world. Thanks to the strategically sound distribution of sales subsidiaries in Europe and the Far East, REDTENBACHER customers also benefit from extremely fast response times. That means we can always reach clients quickly when needed, employing our application and manufacturing expertise to optimise on-site production or, in rare cases, handling complaints with a dedication to service.

What makes the difference…

To achieve the exeptional, you need exeptional tools Manufacturing expertise through innovation.

...The most advanced technology in this field of business

To establish state-of-the-art processing centres, we first had to scrutinise existing production methods.

Our aim was to improve or radically change production methods, and discover new ones. The solder and weld-free compact concept is just one example of this. Other examples of our competence include:

  • Cycle times 30 percent faster on average than the most powerful machines currently on the market Set-up times 75 percent faster than conventional technologies
  • Outstanding production precision in the micrometre range
  • Cost-effective production, even for batches of 50,000 units
    and up


The leading position of REDTENBACHER is partly the result of a process
that began with the founding of the company back in 1641